Highlight Real Fast Forward!

I have no excuses, but I could use a couple more hours in a day!

Happy Friday! (FriYAY!)

Let's dive right in to images for the past few weeks, shall we?

Week 6 was "hearts".

(Can we all agree that February flew past?) GUH!

These gorgeous freckles...

 - Billie Leatham

These gorgeous jewel tones...

 - April Malo

This moment.

 - Denise Sebastiano

 - Denise Sebastiano

This awesome shadow capture...

 - Mary Weber Bunevich

my own little valenstinse!

 - Karmen Van Derven

All of our hearts...


Appropriate since we kind of lost momentum that week, lol.

It is so hard to keep a project like this going, but that is the challenge, right? Sometimes the themes are going to be hard to capture. It's okay. nobody gets a failing grade.

That you ever participate at all is HUGE.
Especially to me. 

I went to college for 11+ years so I get this next one...

Lacie Sibley

I want to go to here. That is all.
Even if only in my mind for a moment.
This is good enough for the living room wall...

- Lisa Willey

This little climber with the cutest ponytail.

- Jessica McDonold

This exciting moment.

- Amy Bueshel

Twirly girl circles.

 - Karmen Van Derven

I love the lines in this one.
I can feel the movement in her hair....

 - Billie Leatham