Triple Threat - Daytona Beach Baby Photographer - Triplets

I once had a dog and if you threw 3 balls, he would try to fit all 3 in his mouth.
That's how these three little people make me feel!

Here is a session that is proof that the best part of a session are the outtakes!
(SPOILER Lifestyle Photography IS basically outtakes.)

this is real life :)

this is real life :)

I can't really begin to quantify my job as a photographer, because it is so fun and awesome, yet also it isn't as easy as I make it seem! I have 1 hour to try and reveal the souls and connection between how ever many people I have in front of my camera and so often, I will encounter a subject or two who may even have been brought to the session against their will!

But this is how my job is wonderfully easy:

Life is beautiful.
Life is magical.
Life is REAL.
As long as I keep snapping up
little bits and pieces of REAL life,
I will capture a magic that only truly yours.

It's so hard to make all three of them happy at the same time! I can't imagine what these adorable parents have been going through, but watching them just love on these babies and let them be themselves and soak in the moments was such an amazing process.

And mom had the best attitude. "Everybody loves the ones where they are crying!"

Life so real I can't even handle the cuteness!

Life so real I can't even handle the cuteness!


Things I learned about tiny adorable gangs:
They do what they want.
They go where they want.
They eat cheerios.

After a little warming up, all 3 are almost happy. :)

identical triplets - daytona beach family photographer

The one in the middle KNOWS.

identical triplets - ormond beach family photographer

Finally the right mixture of cheerios, fan wind and me acting a fool. 

How are they supposed to deals with this manner of cuteness all day and night?

port orange baby photographer

You have no idea the amount of weird noises and exaggerated motions it takes to keep these three anywhere near THE ZONE. Of course with this level of content we had to try and throw the parents back into the mix!

Cutest family ever!

miracle picture

Each one of them is adorable in a similar but totally unique way.
But my favorite part is getting to know their little personalities as they grow.

And there ya have it.
To sum up: Somebody is hogging up all the babies.
I think it might be ME!

Daytona Beach Shores - Family Beach Sessions

I absolutely love all 3 of these people.
But this little girl truly has my heart, because she looks so much like my baby sister.

daytona beach shores florida family photographer

I have 2 younger sisters, and 2 daughters, so I am a sucker for little girls.
They have the best hair.
And twirls.
And dreams.
And stories.

I get so inspired just sitting down and listening as they go on and on about what's in their brains. The things they think about. The ways they express themselves.

The way they are so honest for a camera.

The ways they love to play.
I just love that their hearts are so big and so free.

daytona beach florida family photography


SPOILER ALERT: These hearts are so full of love.

ormond beach florida family photographer

Highlight Real Fast Forward!

I have no excuses, but I could use a couple more hours in a day!

Happy Friday! (FriYAY!)

Let's dive right in to images for the past few weeks, shall we?

Week 6 was "hearts".

(Can we all agree that February flew past?) GUH!

These gorgeous freckles...

 - Billie Leatham

These gorgeous jewel tones...

 - April Malo

This moment.

 - Denise Sebastiano

 - Denise Sebastiano

This awesome shadow capture...

 - Mary Weber Bunevich

my own little valenstinse!

 - Karmen Van Derven

All of our hearts...


Appropriate since we kind of lost momentum that week, lol.

It is so hard to keep a project like this going, but that is the challenge, right? Sometimes the themes are going to be hard to capture. It's okay. nobody gets a failing grade.

That you ever participate at all is HUGE.
Especially to me. 

I went to college for 11+ years so I get this next one...

Lacie Sibley

I want to go to here. That is all.
Even if only in my mind for a moment.
This is good enough for the living room wall...

- Lisa Willey

This little climber with the cutest ponytail.

- Jessica McDonold

This exciting moment.

- Amy Bueshel

Twirly girl circles.

 - Karmen Van Derven

I love the lines in this one.
I can feel the movement in her hair....

 - Billie Leatham

Sugar and Spice

Some little girls just captivate an audience.
I have had my eye on these 2 since I first saw them...and was so lucky that their mother felt sure I could capture them in their best light.

Also, it must be said that Mommy didn't let me down when it came to hair and wardrobe...
She's a GIVER! The bright gorgeous colors and this awesome sunrise made way for some beautiful shots.


Blast from the Past

Funny, it seems SO LONG ago that she had long hair. 
(She cut it herself when she was 3.)
So since this photo is from October 2011, she isn't even 2.5 yet here.)

Oh my heart.

They grow up so fast.
And I am so grateful for the pictures like these.
To remind me of lost moments. Replaced moments. Too busy to slow down and enjoy moments.

Don't let your moments slip by.
Document. Document. Document.

Your life is a story you should be able to pick up and flip through.
There are so many ways to share your life with those you love.

Take pictures.